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This is a "plen air" sketch which means I did it outdoors looking at the scene as it was happening. It allows me to keep the painting fresh and sponteneous, to capture the essense of the moment. 


Done on the East Lake in Prince Edward County, Ontario


Image size 8x10 inch

Framed size 12x16 inch

Materials: oil on primed birch board, mat, frame.

The painting is framed and ready to hang, just as shown. 


Sunset on the lake

  • Hang it on your wall. Enjoy. No care necessary. 

    Ok, if it gets dusty you can wipe it down with a duster every now and then. 

    In case something extraordinary happens (like you spill soup on it) oil painting will be fine, you can clean it with soap and water. But in mat is thick cardboard so I will get ruinted by water. It's very easy and inexpensive to change the mat in this very unlikely scenario. 

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