I was drawn to art as long as I can remember but considering art my hobby, I chose a career in Public Relations instead. Many years later I rediscovered art and the profound effect it can have.

I started seriously perusing my artistic journey in 2014. I have attended several art schools and many workshops. My work has been exhibited in solo as well as esteemed juried shows in Toronto. In 2020 I have achieved the status of an elected member in the two of the most esteemed art associations in Canada – Ontario Society of Artists and Colour and Form Society. My work has been awarded “Juror’s Choice award” in the Annual Open Juried Exhibition of the latter (2020).

Today I continue to exhibit in Canada, participate in various art project in my local community, teach workshops, show my art on international online platforms. My most favorite creative practice includes painting from life in my studio and “en plein air” (outdoors). My work is in private collections in Canada, US, UK, Russia, Germany, Cyprus and Malta



October 2020 – Juror’s Choice award, Colour and Form Society, 68th Open Juried Exhibition

July 2015, RBC Art Access fund – grant, Awarded by Ontario Arts Council for “Art in the park” workshops


Ontario Society of Artists, elected member since 2021

Colour and Form Society, elected member since 2021


February 2017 “Neighbors”, Toronto Public Library, Fairview branch, Toronto, ON

September 2016, Solo show “My peace” at Graven Feather gallery, Toronto, ON

August 2016 “Blooms and blossoms”, Toronto Public library, Runnymede branch, Toronto, ON


October 2020 – Colour and Form Society, 68th Open Juried Exhibition, Online, Juror’s Choice Award

August 2020 – Society of Canadian Artists, 52 Open International Juried Exhibition, Online

June 2020 – Don Valley Art Club, Summer show, Online

February 2020 – Ontario Society of Artists Emerging Artist Juried Exhibition, Mississauga, ON

November 2019 – Don Vallery Art club Annual Art show, Toronto, ON

March 2017 – “The best from your nest”, curated group show, Artisans at work gallery, Toronto, ON

November 2016 – Art Salon 2016, curated show, “Gallery 1313”, Toronto, ON

September 2016 – “Muse” curated representational exhibition, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON

May 2016 – Toronto City Hall, Council chambers, Newcomer artists showcase as part of Newcomer day

April 2016 – April 2017 “Common ground”, Art at BISSELL, curated, University of Toronto, BISSELL building

March 2016 “Colour of spring”, curated, Art Square Gallery, Toronto, ON

March 2016 “Architecture and cityscape”, curated, Artisans at work gallery, Toronto, ON

January 2016, “Scape”, Curated landscape/cityscape show, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON

January 2016, “Inspired by animals”, curated group show, Artisans at work Gallery, Toronto, ON

November 2015, “In the rounds III”, curated group show, Graven Feather gallery, Toronto, ON

October 2015, “Made here” group show at Graven Feather gallery, Toronto, ON

October 2015, “Art at The Palais II: La belle époque”, Emerging Toronto Artists award night, Toronto, ON

September 2015, Queen West Art Crawl, Juried outdoor show, Trinity-Bellwoods park, Toronto

June 2015, Group show “Bees and the birds”, curated, Graven Feather and David Suzuki Foundation, Toronto

May 2015, “United colours of Scrborough”, Art fair, Toronto, ON

April 2015, Group “Hop-up show”, Gallery on Wade, Toronto, ON


May- Sept 2016, “The Art of Healing”, fundraising project with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Toronto

June-August 2015, “The Art of Healing”, fundraising project with Ronald McDonald House Charities, Toronto

August 2015 – “Art in the park” community workshops in collaboration with Thorncliff Neighborhood Office.

March 2015 – 2018. Private painting workshops at Nadia’s own studio


2019 – Daniel Keys, workshop

2012-2014 Kalacheva school – various courses,  online.

2010 Central Technical School Art Centre, Adult program, Toronto, ON

2009 Academy of Art Canada, Private classes, Toronto, ON

2008 Nik Balyshev Art Studio, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Artist Holding a Paintbrush

Artist statement

When I started seriously focusing on painting, I learnt to stop and look. Artists call it observation. It changed my life. I saw incredible complexity of Nature. Two things puzzle me exceedingly. How such complexity can be so harmonious and why, oh why did I not see this before? As an artist my goal is to evoke the desire to discover, to take a moment to observe.

To improve my own observation skills, which I consider a cornerstone of painting, I paint predominantly from life. All summer I’m outside painting landscape studies and inside setting up still lives with all that blooms and ripens. I spend winter going through my studies and photos trying to pull bigger paintings or series of painting, if I’m lucky. Lately I do thumbnail sketches in value and color for the whole series at the beginning. It helps me visualize the outcome and keep on track.


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